two Options.

fund your own bond & Keep your keys
        Earn extra while you bake..



Help us launch our next node!  Under the tzBakery brand I will help bring new delegators to the node.  Sit back and watch our Telegram fill up with even more members as your node's stake weight grows.  To keep our nodes and fair 10% fee uniform, tzBakery will take 4% node fees, and you take the remaining 6% bond fees!  

be a Bond Operator

Don't need our help for members and have your own group ready to go?  Want to charge more than 10% total?  Do things your own way and still utilize the high efficiency of tzBakery node standards.  I will run your node, train you on the basics of your key management, and manage your members/run your payouts.. all for a simple low fee..

4% node fee


more info coming soon.


Interested in Baking with us or want to run a node?



Twitter / Telegram: @tzBakery

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